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Trusted by over 7,332 students

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Hi, I am Dr P T sunderam, your Parenting  Relationship Education Expert transformed  the life of 25,000 youth for the past  25 years.

India"s 1st Parenting Coach 3.0 and  and founder of 12 Parenting tools helping young Parents  to master 12 skills to transform "troublesome kids to genius kids"   through Nero - code Paretning  Technology

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Dec 31, 2020

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12 Animal  styles of Parenting

according to Parenting 3.0

Come, Launch your career as a certified Mums Parenting  Coach 3.0

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 CHO ,House wife, 

“Thank you for making the  12 animal style  pareting tool  box ,for  counselor like me, helpig others for the last 10 years  digitally”

COO, Hooli

Frequently Asked Questions

what is Parenting 3.0 ?

Unlock the transformative power of Parenting 3.0 with Dr. P.T. Sunderam, Asia's top 1% parenting coach. Say goodbye to the traditional grandparent-style parenting and the one-way information of Google. Step into the realm of genius motherhood, where you become your child's psychologist. Learn the 12 essential parenting skills and utilize them to nurture your children. Experience a profound shift as you embrace the scientific approach to parenting, bringing forth a remarkable transformation in both yourself and your little ones. Join Dr. P.T. Sunderam on this extraordinary journey and create a legacy of love and growth.

What are the 12 animal styles of Parenting ?

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking discovery in parenting styles! After an extensive 10-year study involving 10,000 young parents, we have unveiled an extraordinary revelation. Drawing inspiration from the wondrous animal kingdom, we have identified 12 distinct "Animal Styles" that parents naturally embody. These styles offer captivating insights into effective parenting techniques, sparking a new era of family dynamics.

Imagine the mighty Lioness, fiercely nurturing and guiding her cubs through life's challenges. Picture the wise Owl, patiently fostering curiosity and cherishing education in their little ones. Visualize the playful Dolphin, prioritizing emotional well-being and nurturing creativity. Each Animal Style brings a unique perspective to parenting.

As a Bear, embrace your loving and nurturing nature, creating a safe and comforting environment for your cubs to flourish. Be an adaptable Monkey, teaching your children to be agile problem-solvers. Encourage self-expression and confidence like the magnificent Peacock. Cultivate patience and resilience, just like the steadfast Turtle.

From the attentive Kangaroo, offering unwavering support and guidance, to the wise and protective Elephant, emphasizing family values and community, these Animal Styles empower parents with diverse approaches to raising their children.

Embrace your inner Butterfly, advocating personal growth and embracing change, while the resourceful and adaptable Fox teaches your children to think outside the box.

Through our research, we strive to inspire parents with these remarkable Animal Styles. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Find the Animal Style that resonates with your unique personality and aspirations, unlocking your full potential as a parent.

Let us join hands and revolutionize the world of parenting together. The future begins now!

How can we use 12 tools to parent our kids?

🌟 Unlocking the Power of Parenting: The 5-Step PTSIM Framework! 🌈

Step 1: Preselect - A mother, driven by a burning desire for genius parenting, applies for our transformative training program. 

Step 2: Train - We equip her with the 12 tools of Animal Style parenting, unveiling a world of possibilities for nurturing her child's potential. 

Step 3: Self-Test - The mother fearlessly applies these tools to her own life, uncovering astonishing results and newfound insights. 

Step 4: Implement - Empowered by her own growth, the mother employs the same tools to unlock her child's innate talents and gifts. 

Step 5: Mentorship - Our dedicated mentoring system offers unwavering support, guiding the mother in grooming her extraordinary child. 

With our emotional support and the incredible PTSIM framework, we ignite a spark within each parent, transforming them into catalysts for their children's success. Together, we embark on a magical journey, creating a future where every child thrives. 💫🌼 #GeniusParenting #PTSIMFramework

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